I consider this photograph to be one of my most valuable. People who do not own old family pictures cannot appreciate the powerful memories that they stir. Taken on April 22, 1951 at my grandparent's home in Logansport, almost every relative I remember from my childhood appears in this snapshot.

Kneeling: Tiny Barry, Lois Barry, Don Veach, LaNell Veach, Damon Veach, Marilyn Foshee

Standing: Uncle Cooch and Aunt Dovie Creech, Billie and Amos Veach, Grandmother Veach, Aunt Sally (hat), ? Wynn man and woman, Big Mamma (hat), Carolyn Foshee, Uncle Alonzo (hat-top of head showing), unknown woman, Louise Woodfin, Aunt Clara Foshee, Andy Veach, Norine Foshee, Annie Foshee Galbreath, Birdie Foshee Veach

Little Marilyn Foshee, pictured in the front on Damon's knee, died within 48 hours after the picture was taken. Damon recalls that she did not feel well on that Sunday and by Tuesday she was gone. The entire country was being ravaged by the polio epidemic and there was great fear of the disease. Damon believes spinal meningitis was the cause. I remember that children were not allowed to attend Marilyn's funeral because of the uncertainties surrounding her death. I stood in my front yard and watched as her funeral procession passed on the way to Cool Springs cemetary.